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October 14, 2019

Presidents Message

A very warm welcome to Primax Foundation. I am very proud to serve as the President of Primax  Foundation  and to be leading an ambitious Primax with huge potential.  These are exciting times for the Primax Foundation  and I am delighted to be taking the Primax Foundation  into the next chapter in its history.

I am determined to secure an outstanding future for the Primax  and my aims are to build on the current strengths, develop a greater focus on enhancing the quality of Training & Research and learning, and take the Primax  forward on a journey to outstanding in all areas. I am committed to working with the Professors, Eminent Resource Persons &   the corporate trainers to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for our Societies and in the community in which they live.

My aim is to ensure that our faculty and Research Scholars fraternity have access to the best possible opportunities and experiences during their training, so that they can reach their full potential and are better prepared for the future. Our work is focused on developing and celebrating Researcher and students as individuals and not just as learners. Everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured and I strongly believe that together as a learning community we can unlock this potential.

Everything we do is about ensuring their experiences here help them to develop in a caring, supportive environment with a strong pastoral structure at the centre of the Primax. It is our wish that our long nurtured traditions must go hand in hand with contemporary ground realities and a modern rationale. Our dedicated team of Trustees and Heads of Institutions have deftly carried out this daunting balancing act and I congratulate them on this. I am sure that all the Training  offered by our institutions will prove true to this aim.

Finally, it gives me great​​ pleasure to welcome you to our website.
Prof. T. Rajeswari,
President, Primax Foundation